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SkyLite 4-place Aviation Intercom with PTT Switch


  • Number of Users Supported: 4
  • External power supported (via cigar-lighter)
  • Built-in PTT button for ATC communication
  • Volume control with On/Off Switch
  • Fail-safe Capability
  • Adjustable Squelch Circuitry
  • ATC / Cockpit isolation mode for pilot-in-command
  • Rugged Compact Design
  • Built-in MP3/music/cellphone audio input
  • Record your radio/cockpit communications via audio output (Recorder needed)
  • Gold-Plated Contacts Plugs
  • Easy-to-open Sliding Battery Cover on Side

Detail Pictures


Model: AIC40
Size: 110 x 88 x 37 (mm)
Weight: 315g
Power Source: 9V Battery / Cigar-lighter
Microphone Plug: 0.250 Diameter Gold-Plated
Speaker Plug: 0.206 Diameter Gold-Plated
Push-to-Talk Switch: Built-in
Headset Compatibility: All SkyLite Headsets (Except SL-900H)
Transmitter Compatibility: by Headset Adapter
Manufacturing Country: Korea

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