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SkyLite VFR/IFR Aviation Kneeboard


  • Common unit conversion during pre-flight preparation.
  • Quick crosswind component check in the take-off and landing phases.
  • Critical V-speeds including Best-climb speeds (Vx, Vy) and best-glide speed for engine malfunction.
  • Flight level arrangement for traffic separation.
  • Colored light signals from tower in a radio-failure distress situation.
  • Emergency and communication failure transponder codes.
  • Easily accessible scale ruler for sectional chart / VNC.

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Model: AKB01S
Material: Aluminum board. Nylon straps.
Dimension: 9.5 inches x 6.5 inches (241.3 mm x 165.1 mm)
Color: Metallic (Aluminum)
Weight: 128g aluminum board + 27g straps = 155 gram (5.46 oz)

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